Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wall Street Journal: Beltran is good.

"The ill will he created during that fallow period hasn’t quite dissipated, making it hard for some to see that since May Beltran has been an excellent performer, hitting .300 with seven home runs. He is still a detriment on defense, but late-career Beltran has proved able to hit, speed or no. When he was lost for the two weeks before the All-Star break with an oblique injury, the Yankee offense suffered, and Girardi was thrilled to welcome Beltran for his first game back on Sunday."

"Carlos Beltran isn't done," from a paper synonymous with Yankee coverage.

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Parson Tom said...

"Plus, fans tend to remember events that happen at the extremes—the beginning of the season, the end of the season, and in the areas right around the All Star break—and Beltran was one of the team’s worst performers in the beginning of 2015."

The guy almost lost me with the above line of baloney, but he makes a fairly plausible argument -- to my weak and feeble Yankee brain -- that Beltran could not only help in the second half but he might even be likely to help -- so we got that going for us.