Sunday, July 12, 2015

Do The Math; 0-3 = .000, right?

I have said this before;  true baseball superstars to be ( like Bryce Harper, like Cano; like Mantle; like Miguel Cabrerra ) " shine" when they debut in the major leagues.  They crush the ball, get big hits from day one and help their teams win ballgames.  And they wind up on all star teams and in the Hall.

The next level down is, " everybody else," from which manure heap a few decent players do emerge.  And then there will be 1000 Stephen Drews, Chase Headleys,  and Ryan whatshisnames. 
These guys  hit .170-.240, sometimes are really good defensively, and play for about 6 teams in their careers, on average.

Our farm system hope for the season, Bob Refsnyder, last night did exactly what gets people assigned to the manure heap;  he didn't toatally fuck-up in the field, but he was a non factor where it mattered more.  His strength is hitting and he didn't hit.

We have had kids before him who have opened with homers and doubles at the MLB level.  Some of these were never slotted for greatness and returned, eventually, to the slag pile of, " utility player, also ran, etc ).  But Refsnyder has topped our list of, " high tier prospects," for a few years now.  He has performed to that accolade at all levels of the minor leagues.  He regularly distinguished himself as a hitter , albeit with great concern over his talent with the leather.  But his defensive qualities were improving, it is said.  And you can teach defense.  But you can't teach hitting.

True, Boston is a tough opening ( or used to be ), but he went 0-3.  He is batting nothing as he piles into his breakfast this morning.

Potential super-star or slag heap?  It hangs in the balance. And the clock is ticking.  It doesn't take long to realize you have just another player.

 If we see more zeros today, I think we can slot him in with all the rest.

Show us something .!

And don't have that be that Cashman's farm system sucks as bad as we think it does.  And that we have no reason for hope.


John M said...

Willie Mays started his career going 0 for 23. Bernie Williams, aka Bambi, batted an illustrious .268 his first year. Roberto Clemente was less productive in his first five seasons than Stephen Drew. Brooks Robinson basically sucked for his first five years, too. Manny Ramirez hit .170 his first year, just like Larry Walker. A-Rod hit .204 his call-up season.

These things happen. I rarely disagree with Alphonso, but after one game, I think we give the kid a chance.

el duque said...

You're a hard man, Alphonso.

A hard, hard man.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

First hit, then BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!
Great game today,,,,

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Soeul? Wtf.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Apparently RR was born in Korea,,,, this call needs work, urrggg!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

And, thank you Alphonso, Master of Nu JuJu!!!!!

Alan said...

Alphonso's post here is the apotheosis of small-sample idiocy.

jdrny said...

He showed some promise today.
Single and HR.
He's needs to stay a little longer to see what he can do.

John M said...

Sorry, Alphonso, I wasn't thinking. I was stuck in literalism mode and forgot the power of the juju that shall remain nameless.

And this, after posting dire predictions myself that have resulted in quick reversals....I can only blame the traditional Saturday hangover.

ceeja said...

Put Refsnyder at second and the batboy in right and you will have vastly improved production at both positions.