Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Was That Colter Bean Out There?

But Colter was right-handed, wasn't he?

We all knew that Joe was dressing last night's contest as, " just another game on a long road-trip," but, in truth, it was a "give-up" game, by strategy.  He was hoping to work some magic with long relievers, keep the game competitive, and then get lucky.

By the time the Rangers undressed our latest version of the Bean ( Chris Capuano ), it looked like a nightmare was at hand.  Less than one inning worked, 4 walks, 5 runs, and Rangers on the bases.

Then, the nightmare became theirs.

We have rarely seen an offensive display like we witnessed last night.  I went to bed with the Yankees pushing up against the 20 run limit, with that 28 year old, just off the bus from Scranton, pitching the best long relief we have seen this year.  There were so many heros last night, many of them named Gregorious, Headley and Young.  Even John Ryan got hot.

But I wish to focus on Colter Capuano.  I have rarely seen a major league pitcher look so frazzled, lost and hopeless.  A rookie's first appearance can't get that bad ( even Mark Melancon's debut where he walked 5 straight batters ), but Chris looked as though he was playing the wrong game.

Mr. Capuano may never recover.  He visage was like the deer in the headlights on the NYS thruway at rush hour. Eighteen wheelers rumbling right at him, everywhere, at 80 miles per hour. He may never even think of himself as a deer again., mush less a ballplayer.

 Did you look at his face?  A face of  pure anguish and helplessness. He must have felt as though his arm was not connected to his body.

Colter Bean, if you are out there, please send Chris Capuano an inspiring letter.  Tell him there is life after baseball.

That's why we have fast food franchises in America.

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jdrny said...

The rookie Moreno did the job that was Capuano's responsibility up until last night.

Why would Girardi put Capuano's in a starting role????

Long relief is probably the only job he can be used for and that is questionable!!!!