Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pineda For Jesus?

Last night, Michael Pineda, and his akimbo hat, looked like an overcooked sausage, looking for a bun.

The game was over before I sat down.  A 2 run dinger in the first inning just sucked the air out of the Yankee balloon.  Some will say, " you can't win them all."  But how about waiting until the game is underway?

It turned the Ju-Ju backwards.

In the early innings, as the Yankees attempted to crawl back into the game, the Yankees crushed the ball but, in every case, for a quick and deflating out. 

There are few things worse for a ballplayer, by the way,  than hitting the pitch on the " screws," and then seeing it in somebody's glove, a split second or two later.   All that hustle to first, all that excitement about a " perfect" at-bat, all the wondering about, " double or triple," simply reverts to that memory of when you stepped into a pile of dog crap, just before ringing the bell at your girlfriend's house.

The guy with the glove is strutting around and you have that long jog back to the dugout.  Nothing accomplished.  Girl friend's parents recoiling in horror.  Girl friend laughing uncontrollably.

That's what Pineda gave us as his record slides ever closer to .500.  Adam Warren was better than that.A number 2 starter with a near .500 record?  That doesn't spell a " ticket to the big dance"  to me.

Jesus is hitting for Seattle.

Did we really " win" that trade?

You know what we all fear now, so I'm not even going to write it down.


JM said...

Warren was our best starter and we banished him. He wins 25 games this year on Keplar 242b.

Anonymous said...

We will hear, any day now, that Pineda is injured.