Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The little "CC," that is.

Chris Capuano.

Guy gave up nine runs in his last 1 and 2/3rd innings. That'll do it.

Only reason they stuck with him this long was his $5 million salary. They wanted to get their nickel bottle deposits back.

One year deals: You win some (Chris Young, $2.5 million), and you lose some (Capuano.)


KD said...

Off topic but might help others hear the Master's voice. Check out this web site for free streaming!

KD said...

The one that works for me is WTMM 104.5 but the delay is pretty bad.

JM said...

The lugnut returns to Capistrano. So long, and may the other CC follow you into the mists ahead of schedule.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Thanks VERY much for this. I'll try it next time the game is on and will report back. Again, if you're sitting in a hotel room on a Sunday night in some place like Madrid, a 5-second delay is still better than not listening to the game.

Feedback will follow.