Sunday, July 12, 2015

We will be first... and Boston last... at the break. But will it matter?

Next weekend, the Yankees will host Robbie Cano, (doncha know?) and the Second Coming of Jesus Montero, welcoming the pair to Gotham as the reigning leaders in the AL East. They will do this irregardless of what happens today in the glaring sunlight of Boston.

By then, the Yankees will be three games into the Rob Refsnyder Project, which ends the Age of Drew at the bottom of the order. But a new time will begin: The annual Cashman Makeover.

Cashman will be overturning tin cans in the scrap yard and poking GMs on Facebook, looking to hook up and deal Yankee prospects for - well - who knows?

Lately, it's become a parlor game across the Yankiverse to speculate on who will join the team - Paplebon, or Hamel, or one of the Reds pitchers - and who we will surrender: Gary Sanchez, Ramon Flores, Aaron Judge, or all of the above. The only encouraging thing about this is that it never happens exactly as projected. You can love or hate Cashman - I do both - but one thing you cannot say is that he is predicable in trades.

But he's not infallible either. The YES propaganda mill can endlessly spin the virtues of Chasen Shreve, but if Manny Banuelos keeps pitching as he has for the Braves, last winter's trade of the two (with David Carpenter, whose name won't turn up in YES blovations) will go down as a full-blown disaster.

If we were in second, a full makeover might look wise. But we will be in first when Cashman starts the plastic surgery. Three weeks to the trading deadline. Will the Refsnyder Project still be in effect?


Alphonso said...

The Age Of Drew may turn out to be a field of clover, compared to Refsnyder's debut. 0-3, carried over to 0-7 ( today ) and then 0-15 ( after the break ) does not translate into: we can releases Drew and there is no need for a trade.

This kid was supposed to HIT. Simply stated; he did not. That strange Figuraro kid hit two doubles in his debut.

I am sick of young, highly touted Yankees, who " suck eggs" when given the stage.

Looks like another egg sucker is on board.

DeadBat said...

Welp, what say you now, Fonz?