Thursday, July 30, 2015

Does Anyone else Have This Feeling?

Last night, as I watched Tanaka  try to find command, try to find velocity, and try to find anything that would work, I kept having a nagging thought.

When we amazingly won the previous evening, after starting out down 5 runs, I thought/hoped this could be a sweep for the Yankees.  Joe had played it so that our top two pitchers would cap games 3 and 4 against the Rangers.

We stole game 2 in spectacular fashion, no thanks to the departed Colter Capuano.  ( Chris will be fine. He is a phi beta kappa graduate of Duke ).  But Joe's strategy appeared to have worked.

Frankly, Tanaka looked more like Capuano than himself.  It was a hopeless outing.  Guys on base all the time.  Pitching from the stretch.  Walks and hits at every turn.  Quite amazing really that only 5 runs were charged to him ( or scored, for that matter ).

Back to my nagging thought;  Are we starting to see the effects of that lingering, and, "cured by rest," elbow injury?  Are we going to hear something about Tanaka's health, today or tomorrow?

Is this a dagger that I see before me, handle toward my hand.....?


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I think you might be onto something there, Macbeth.

KD said...

I have been expecting something horrible concerning Tanaka and Pineda for a while now.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

Can no one see that the only reliable starting pitchers we have are Eovaldi and Adam Warren... except that he's not a starting pitcher since the return of Nova. Well, now that Pineda's on the DL (hopefully for the rest of the season)...