Saturday, July 11, 2015

Suggested activities for Robbie Cano over the All-Star break

1. Practice celibacy with Russell Wilson.

2. Stay in game shape by going for jog.

3. Watch old, VHS Melky Cabrera sex tapes.

4. Leave long, drunken messages on Beyonce's cell.

5. Space Needle! (Need we say more?)

6. Fill out application to Dancing With the Stars.

7. Ponder new strategy for bringing "winning ways" to Mariners.

8. Three-day Game of Thrones marathon!

9. Sit around like everybody else on the Internet and adore Jennifer Lawrence.

10. Stay near phone, in case someone needs advice in All-Star home run derby.

(Hap tit to Buhner's Ghost)


Alphonso said...

Personally, I think he should go sit down to a robust, Seattle famous seafood platter, have a couple of manhattans, and chill.

JM said...

Isn't that what he's been doing all season?

John Sterling said...

Easy, folks. Be reasonable. You just cannot predict baseball.