Sunday, July 19, 2015

If the CIA commissioned a $10 million study on how to break a person's spirit, they would come up with the way the Yankees are dealing with Rob Refsnyder

It's so clean, so perfect, so insidious...

The kid works his way up from Scranton, replaces a veteran who hasn't hit in Obama's second turn, does his job, hits a home run... and as a result... he gets a ticket back to Scranton.

Welcome to Gitmo, Rob Refsnyder. Your crime? Being young. Not being ridiculously overpaid, so they have to play you.

So, what now for Ref? The psycological let-down. The hitting slump. Then the trade - for some new old guy. Meanwhile, Yankee fans can watch another month of Stephen Drew and Brandon Ryan - who batting averages - if added together - could barely reach .300.

What a grand strategy for success: Turn every game into a massive pressure cooker, and make every kid who steps to the plate know he is one strikeout away from being sent to Triple A. Oh, and make sure he realizes that - no matter how bad the old guys play, they cannot be replaced: They're paid too much.

Why are the Yankees so terrified of giving youngsters a chance?


jdrny said...

Absolutely correct.

He isn't one of the big money mistakes the management keeps making.

Anonymous said...

Hal didn't like his short legs.

Doug said...

Ha! I lied I actually am a robot!

That said, amazingly I buy into what Brian Cashman said today. The trading deadline is coming up. Why release someone a couple of days early and limit your options?

Lastly, I was the one who sent you the picture of President Camacho and his machine gun to use as your new rant photo. Just wanted to clear that up. :)


Doug said...

Letterman had a running joke that he applied to sundry instances of American stupidity and piggishness--"This is why the rest of the world hates us." This Refsnyder demotion is an example of why the world outside this blog hates the Yankees--and justifiably so at this point.