Friday, July 24, 2015

Redsock Nation cries UNCLE: "It’s all about trade value now..."

Boston, butchers in eight straight losses, is contemplating another August yard sale. They are 12 games out, and the bargain sales signs are up: MUST GO, CLEARING INVENTORY: NAPOLI, VICTORINO, CRAIG... MAKE AN OFFER...

"Might as well get something for them rather than release them and eat the money."

Gyaaaaaah, this is wonderful. It's like eating ice cream on the crapper. You want to savor every moment. This morning, I noticed last week's Sports Illustrated, which I'd missed during the drunk-blog. In it, SI baseball expert Joe Sheehan projects the second half.

"A healthy Dustin Pedroia - returning from a hamstring injury - means Boston will be at full strength kicking off the second half. There's a big run coming for this team - it could score six runs a game for three weeks and go 15-4, upending the AL East."

"Can the Sox pitch well enough? Well, they're already making some changes. Eduardo Rodriguez is in the rotation, and Brian Jonson just got called up, as the team taps its deep well of young amrs. A front-of-the-rotation starter, the team's biggest need, might be found on the farm, but the Reds' Johnny Cueto or the Phillies' Cole Hamels would go a long way toward making the Sox the favorites again in a division in which no team will win 90 games."

Gyaaaaaaaah, that felt good.

Disclosure: Two weeks ago, I was as terror-stricken of Boston as anyone on this planet. They were streaking, they were hosting us, and with best pitcher on the mound. We led 1-0 in the fourth. In a span of three batters - barely five minutes - Clay Buchholz walked off the mound holding his arm, and their IF made two errors - giving us the game. Suddenly, everything changed. It was like a glitch in the Matrix, (the one that reversed the glitch of 2004, when they exchanged places with us? Is that too much to ask for?) They've been trash ferns ever since, and I don't think they're going to go 15-4 and upend the AL East.



ceeja said...

My God yes. I had the same exact experience reading SI yesterday. I'm starting to be paranoid like you -- maybe the media really is run by a bunch of Boston sympathizers who hate the Yanks.

I am also addicted to reading the Globe and Herald every day. It's not right, I know. Reveling in the misery of Boston appeals to my basest and most detestable instincts.

But in the famous words of El Duque: "Mwwaahahahahahaah"

Leinstery said...

Boston is delusional. I saw two people on a Boston sports network (wasn't NESN) seriously talking about the possibility that the Mets would trade Syndergard and Matz to the Red Sox for fucking Hanley Ramirez and his awful contract. They also seriously think Napoli and his Stephen Drewesque .180 batting avg is a trade chip teams would want. It's mind boggling how much they lie to themselves.

Also Boston's farm system is all hype. Their "deep well of young arms" are not nearly as good as Boston wants teams to think they are. Moncada will probably be good, but the rest is garbage. I mean does no one remember when they said Will Middlebrooks will be the next big star? The guy lost his job to Never Nervous Yangervis in San Diego

Leinstery said...

Also, a couple weeks ago I watched a documentary about the 1996 Yankees. At one point Steinbrenner starts talking about Peter Gammons. During spring training, that Boston P.o.S made the claim that due to the moves George made in the offseason, the Yankees would take 10 years before they could recover and contend again. And I just remembered, they actually ran this fucking thing before the 2012 season

2013 and 2014 sucked for the Yankees, but they were still able to fight their way above above .500 with some of the worst players I've ever seen. It's never as bad as it looks for the Yanks, and never as good as the Red Sox like to think it is.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Frat boys on smallmarketredsoxradio were focused on Pedro Martinez (the only positive thing they can talk about) and were whining that he didn't make it unanimously. Let's see if they do that for the next two Yankees that *should* be unanimous.

Their posturing that juicy would be a shoo in if not for 'possible' PED implications was most nauseating. And don't get me started about Donnie Baseball...