Monday, July 13, 2015

Suggestion for Refsnyder homer howl



Leinstery said...

When John called it, did he say "Rob Refsnyder has soul" or "sold"? Either way, this has to be a work in progress because both of those are dull and make no sense.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Refsnyder was born in Seoul, South Korea so I think the home run call was "Rob Refsnyder has Soul" (i.e., a pun on Seoul).

I'm not saying I approve, but I'm not sure he had too many decent alternatives, e.g.:

    - A glider from Refsnyder!

    - Refsnyder is the provider!

    - Refsnyder the Large Hadron Collider!

Blah. I'm ok with Refsnynder's got Seoul....

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Robbie puts one in the lobby.

Leinstery said...

Thanks for the clarification LBJ. I think "Refsnyder the provider" would be a good one because it kind of has the feel of another Sterling classic, "Shane Spencer the home-run dispenser".

JM said...

I think the Master should adapt what Harold Reynolds was saying during the game about Refsnyder. Something like, "Robbie Refsnyder the amazing story adopted by people who just wanted to give him a better life and never knew he would learn to play baseball and go on to star at the University of Arizona and then work hard and make the big leagues and it's just an amazing story!"


ceeja said...

1. "Ref -- he leaves the pitcher bereft"
2. Robbie Ref Ricochets one to Right
3. (Sung to the tune of "A little bit of Monica on my mind")

A little bit of Robbie all the time; a little bit of Refsnyder on my mind

4. (Sung to the o'reilly auto parts jingle)
ref .. ref .. ref-snyder!!!

5. Robbie Rifles it to the 38th parallel
6. Home run for Refsnyder

I like no. 6 the best

Chicken Stanley said...

Bob's your uncle! Refs Rob's one!

pepitone said...

The Ref blows his whistle...and delivers a missile!