Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last night, up by 10 runs, The Master was singing

Seasoned Yankee fans can instantly discern game situations by the tone of John Sterling's voice. In recent years, if the Yanks were down by two, he'd moan like a death row prisoner pondering a plate of cold garbanzo beans. Alcatraz had nothing on the Hertz 24-7 Broadcast Booth.

This year, though, the croaking caterpillar has become a music-fluttering butterfly.

Last night, in the fourth, with his team leading by 10, John resembled a songbird on the first dawn of spring. At one point, he launched into "Oh-Me-Oh-My-Oh," an obscure ditty about Ohio, and when Suzyn asked why he was singing, he had so answer. This was godforsaken Texas - 100-degree, bug-infested, gun-nut Texas. This had no connection to Ohio. He had just burst into song spontaneously, like Elvis with Ann-Margret.

If you're not listening to games, you're missing the happiest man alive, and - for now anyway - the most joyous aspect of this Yankee resurgence.

For years now, we've called John "The Master," a title befitting his loquaciousness, his ego and - most of all - his love for the Yankees. But yesterday, we learned that John had been captain of his WMCA Radio softball team during the 1970s. This puts a new perspective on the man.

From now on, considering the Yankee void, instead of "The Master," should we call him "The Captain?"


Mustang said...


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Absolutely El Duque!
Every Yankee game I listen to The Master, and this year has been a real treat. Whether he's breaking into song, 'joshing' with Suyzn, or pounding the console 3 times in excitement while calling ARods 3rd home run of the game, it's been a long loooong time since he ( and I) have been this happy with the team.
As far as I'm concerned, if they don't sell off the farm, and whatever the outcome in October, this year has been a fun ride and a surprising success.

The Bri-man said...

He called the top of the second " one of the greatest innings in Yankee history!"

Tom said...

Brooklyn's Ken is on target. Great season taking shape. More than a few great moments with the highlight from this perspective being A-Rod's renaissance. Contributions up and down the lineup and out on the mound and ol' humble A-Rod whacking the crap out of the ball.

One picayune observation about last night's broadcast: John and Suzyn got all embarrassed about all the runs in the late innings, as though they had to maintain some somber decorum so as not to "show up" the hapless Rangers. I say, screw it and let's all do a happy dance. I've been watching and listening about as long as most of you, and it's not too often our guys score 21, and by gosh, I'm going to enjoy it.

Finally, John Sterling on the radio is the best way to enjoy the Yankees since Rizzuto and White, IMHO.

KD said...

Yes, let's call him The Captain for a while. Unlike Jeter, who said that he doesn't miss baseball, John will no doubt be in permanent, deep misery once he retires those golden vocal cords. He will miss the Yankees, that's for sure, and this may be his last year.

KD said...

Does anybody stream The Captain during games? I did find a free station I could stream on my iPad but there was about a 5 second delay, which was not tolerable. (I don't have a tuner, except in the car.)

One of you guys must be doing this. Help!!

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I did find a free station I could stream on my iPad but there was about a 5 second delay, which was not tolerable.

Whoa...wait a minute there. If you're traveling and you're in an area that has no access to Yankees audio or video (e.g., a foreign country or even just Idaho), being able to set up your laptop in the hotel room and stream the game over the hotel's WiFi would be a godsend, even with a 5-second delay.

Please let us know, where's the URL that lets you stream the games?

Thanks in advance...

KD said...

I'll see if I can find it again, LBJ, and let you know. I didn't bookmark it. I did exaggerate the delay but it was at least 2 seconds...

BTW, I used to live in Idaho and it WAS a foreign country!

Anonymous said...

If this is any help:
I live in the Netherlands and watch every Yankees game on yes (mostly) using stream 25 that will show up when the game starts. Always neat perfect quality.
I listen to the Captain aka Master at night in bed. Then I use At Bat.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Thanks a million. This is great stuff.