Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Robbie Cano has a rum bum tummy.

"Mr. Mariner" Robbie Cano has a Cat-5 Burper Stink Belly.

Nothing worse. You're always bloated. You read entire books on the crapper. Nobody sits next to you on the plane. No more linguine with clams. They accuse you of eating cabbage stew, when all you did was try a dab of yogurt.

Worst of all, you hit .248.

They say its a "common parasite," but antibiotics cause acid reflux, the dreaded killer of major league careers. (See Jason Giambi.)

Says Robbie:

“Sometimes I play without any strength or energy, but you have to play, give the best of yourself. Some people may say, ‘Cano, he’s listless.’ But (the energy) is not the same.”.

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Ken of Brooklyn said...

Robbie Cano, Don't Cha Blow!