Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Refsnyder Night in the Yankiverse

Ooh! Ooh! Jumpin' Jehosiphat!

A 24-year-old Yankee rookie at 2B!

What the...!

Did somebody slip something into my Metamucil?

Imagine it: A guy who, over the next year, could actually improve... instead of just staggering onward to wring out one last big contract payday.

OMG! Think about it: A guy who, if he tweaks something, won't necessarily take six months to heal.

Wait: I just had another thought: He's a homegrown Yankee, like Gardy... If he can play in NYC, he can play anywhere.

Ooo! Ooo! Our farm system actually developed somebody! 

Wait! We don't even have a concrete ceiling for this guy. Who knows? We might even get his best year, playing for the Yankees... instead of signing him for the last five, at age 38!

What is the world coming to?


John M said...

Hold on, we could be auditioning him as trade material. We can trade him for an over the hill star now, let him flourish with other teams for 10, 12 years, then bring him back home when he himself is an over the hill superstar. It worked with Soriano. Right?

Clay said...

Just think--if Bryce Harper, by some miracle, had been drafted by the Yankees, he'd still be in AA ball, with unnamed Yankee front-office sources still grumbling about "the holes in his swing."

Bobby Richardson said...

So that's why my phone didn't ring!

Rufus T. Firefly said...

On box score does not show him in the line-up.

There are only 8 hitters listed.

Typical from the espn red sux fan-boys.

I wanted to use a stronger term for them.

Nova Sucks said...

Too bad the bag of shit known as Ivan Nova is pitching.

jdrny said...

He looked good for first time in the Bronx.
He's a keeper !!!

jdrny said...

I meant Bronx uniform.

Alphonso said...

Luckily, as he elevates his batting average to zero (0-3 in debut ), trade interest will quickly wane. He'll still be hitting .290 at Scranton when he turns 30.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I missed the Sterl hurl. What was the HR call??

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Something about 'having soul'????? He kind of mumbled it, don't think he had anything prepared,,,,

Ken of Brooklyn said...

The Master's call,,,, "Rob Refsynder has Seoul" Apparently he was born in Korea,,,,,, urrg, this call needs work!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm an idiot, born in Korea AND Korean, DUH!!!! I should never question The Master, humble apologies,,,