Friday, July 24, 2015

There Is Life As We Know It Out There!

As you all know by now, scientists have discovered a planet that could harbor life and appears to be a " close cousin" to earth.

This older, larger planet is currently called, " Kepler 452b," and orbits its star at about the same distance that the Earth orbits the sun. Skeptical evangelicals ( pictured above ) may write to NASA for further information.

That distance between the planet and its sun puts Kepler-452b in that " Goldilocks" zone that makes it suitable for water, and life.  It is the closest thing  that we have to another place that someone else might, " call home."  And it is only 1400 light years away.

Here is my point;  if there is life, water, grass and life, they likely play baseball there.

Talk about a world series!


el duque said...

Worlds Series.

Anonymous said...

how many generations would pass between games two and three?