Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cashman pulls off another three-way

Note to self: Never lunch with Brian Cashman. Order a sandwich, and he'll start taking off his clothes.

Yesterday's threesome between Detroit, Arizona and the Yankees had Cashman's special sauce all over it. Sure, the D-backs got prospects - (they're now frontrunners for 2039!) - and Layoff Town got a cheap starter - (so long, Mr. Scherzer) - but Cashman landed the albacore tuna that he absolutely, desperately and obsessively needed... a SS who is not named Jeter, Ryan or Drew.

It was reminscent of another Cashman three-way - featuring Ian Kennedy, Curtis Granderson and Austin Jackson - which also connected Arizona and Detroit. Must be a wormhole.

Meanwhile, just as the Yankiverse was spell-checking Didi Gregorius, as in the final scenes of The Godfather, Cashman shot another domino: The signing of relief pitcher Andrew Miller: Bang, bang... take that, Boston.

Still... today... one question remains...

Where is the third move?

One is Didi. Two is Miller. What is Number Three?

Don't tell me Cashman doesn't think in threes. In 2008, he signed three free agents: CC, Tex and AJ Burnett. Last year, he signed another three: Beltran, McCann and Ellsbury. He has Alex Rodriguez for three more years. Right now, he has three starters: CC, Tanaka and Pineda - each with medical issues. And today, the Yankees have a glaring need for at least one more move.

Yesterday, they traded Shane Greene, arguably the most pleasant Yankee surprise of 2014. In fact, Greene seemed to come out of nowhere and pitch so well that it was as if the Yankiverse never expected him to repeat it. He didn't arrive with the fanfare of Hughes, the presence of Joba, the price tag of Pineda or even the hype of Manny Banuelos. He just showed up and pitched. Now he's gone.

Cashman needs a starting pitcher. Needless to say, he has three candidates: Lester, Scherzer and Shields.

Soon, we should feel ourselves between the bread.


KD said...

I'm calling him "Dutch".

Celerino Sanchez said...

Can he outhit Didi Conn??