Thursday, December 4, 2014

The end looks near for David Robertson

Fossil records indicate the existence long ago of a strange man-god creature known by Sterlingologists as the "Yankee for Life" (Mojeetsapien erectus) This amazing beast would grow up within the Yankee ecosystem, live with the team throughout its entire adulthood, and then retire, having never worn an opposing skin.

The species is believed to have gone extinct on Oct. 4, 2014.

In other words, it looks like David Robertson will never have a centerfield monument.

If the rumors are true, the Yankee braintrust has chosen lefty reliever Andrew Miller over the tried and true D-Rob, even though Robby has given the team a solid five years and is a proven performer in the Bronx cauldron.

The deliniating factor seems to be the first-round sandwich pick the Yankees will receive by letting Robertson fly, while Miller comes without strings. If you're a fuming, furious Yankee fan - are there any other kinds these days? - you cannot fault the reasoning: Over the years, the team has lost too many top picks, while competitors mined the draft for talent.

Currently, two of the Yankees' best prospects - Ian Clarkin and Aaron Judge - came in the first round. It's frightening to imagine the farm system without them. Sadly, the team surrended its top picks last June, pulling off a Knicks-like achievement: On field mediocrity - without a first-round draft selection.

So, now, we're playing hardball. (Unless, of course, this is a ruse, and they're going to sign Robertson and Max Scherzer, ensuring another June where we draft around 70th.) But everything comes with a price.

The message to present and future Yankees:

We have enough retired jerseys, enough plaques in Monument Park. Being a Yankee farm hand does not mean a life-tenure track. And if you don't believe us, write David Robertson a letter, in care of Andrew Miller.

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Alphonso said...

The only compensation for this nightmare is that, even when the Yankees have a first round pick, they draft Cito Culver.

Not since Derek Jeter, who will soon be in the Hall of Fame, have the Yankees drafted anyone in a top round who is worth spit.

Brian Cashman gets away with failure and incompetence decade after decade. The truth is starting to emerge; The stupid offspring of George " can't be bothered" with these details.

As long as Goldman Sachs buys up the plush seats ( though they never use them, except for clients whom they are " cultivating" ), the stupid offspring are content.

Failure in all baseball matters is meaningful, only to the fans. Cashman is the King of failure, and the offspring love him.

I would rather engage a dart board to make Yankee decisions. The odds are better.