Saturday, December 13, 2014

It just needs to be said: With a name like Didi Gregorius, this guy better be good

Didi Gregorius - the first Knighted Yankee since Sir Sidney Ponson - could turn out to be the most easily mocked name in New York sports history. Even more than Joe Don Looney.

Yes, I'm talking about old-fashioned, schoolyard-bully, name-calling.

By the way, I'm not proud of this. It doesn't take a lot to sit at home in your underwear and - while sipping from warm cans of PBR - regress back to the monkey bars and cafeteria food-fights of fourth grade, and try to think up hurtful names for a young man who has never yet even donned a Yankee uniform. Frankly, this is shameful and degrading. I only offer it as the latest sign - as if anyone needed one - that the looming Yankee apocalypse will wreak havoc upon the collective mental health of the team's fan base. If this franchise is going to be as bad as I think it could be... for as long as I think it might be... well, somebody, please: Shoot me.

That said, if this fellow turns out to be a turkey, the Yankiverse can certainly supply the gravy.
Think about it:

Dodo Gregorius.
Dum Dum Gregorius.
Doody Gregorius.
Didi Inglorious
Muff Diddy 
DD Gherkin

Dear God, 
You gave us 27 World Championships,
and for that, we thank You.
But if You truly care, 
You will not let this player fail...

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