Monday, December 29, 2014

Old Redface will return for another lost Giants year

Six and ten is good enough, when you're Coach For Life.

(By the way, I do not believe use of the word "Redface" is racist, considering that it is a literal description of the situation at hand.)

As a lifelong Giants fan, let me say flat-out that Tom Coughlin is a great coach, a great figure in modern football, and a great human being.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most elusive secret to success in life is knowing when to step aside. (Don't believe me; ask the family of Joe Paterno.) Coughlin has had a great run with the Giants. But what will he do next year that he didn't do this year? He's never built a team that lasted more than 10 games. I can't think of any reason to feel hope for the team, until somebody else takes over. Frankly, I just the Mara family doesn't want to deal with the unpleasantness of dismissing a stalwart, so Coughlin will go on and on, until he literally coaches himself OUT of the Hall of Fame.


Allie Sherman said...

He should be embarrassed.

John M said...

I think he is, that's why his face is red.