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Live game chat tonight @ 8
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Four More Years

Of Chase Headley. For $52 million.

Four years at 13 mil per.

See ya in another uniform, Refsnyder. Been nice knowing you.

Wonder how cheap Mets tickets will be next summer? Might have to get on the 7 train and see what Kevin Long and Granderson are up to.


el duque said...

Joy to the world. The Lord has come.

el duque said...

I want to puke.

el duque said...

I really didn't think we would go four years on this bum. I thought we would get him for three, because there was no way we would take him to age 35, not considering what we've seen from Teixeira, Beltran, et al.

This is a putrid, wretched day to be a Yankee fan. We pass on all the players of significance, and we re-sign this guy - this reincarnation of Ichiro 2014 - on the basis of a small sample following his liberation from San Diego. This is terrible.

Alphonso said...

I wrote the post below yours before the word was out.

We are totally screwed.

We can only hope for season ending injuries. I hope Headly plays in the World-wide baseball absurdity that co-incides with spring training. Remember? That's where Tex first got dinged.

Injuries are our only hope.

dom said...

This move does not block refsnyder. It adds infield depth, allows refsnyder to work on his defense at AAA to start, to be moved up when prado fills in for an inevitable injury. This deal is not comparable to Beltrans at all. It adds needed infield depth and makes the team better in 2015

Local Bargain Jerk said...

el duque said...

-- I want to puke.

And, therefore, Alphonso, El duque would need....?

John M said...

I hope don is correct, but my Spidey sense isn't tingling in that direction.

Anonymous said...

please please tell me how you sign a guaranteed .240 lug nut who will kill endless rallies and get you nowhere near the postseason for 4/52, and let a proven closer who would back end a potentially all time great yankee bullpen walk for 4/46. i truly hate this franchise.