Monday, February 23, 2015

Black Monday: Boston signs Moncada

Let the Yankees start ginning up their spin machine, assuring everybody that Stephen Drew is going to have a comeback year. Because after all, they are the Frugal Empire, and Yankee fans everywhere should be proud and excited about the money that Hal Steinbrenner is saving us! 

Today, we whiffed on Yoan Moncada.

Last year, in slow motion, the Redsocks did everything smartly. And we - excruciatingly - continued to collapse. 

Now, they have not only signed two of the best free agents (Sandoval and Ramirez - without surrendering a top draft pick), but they have added two of the best new Cuban stars (Castillo and Moncada), and their farm system is crackling with young players - far more productive than ours, (which has been dead now for nearly five years.) Boston is in a position to dominate the AL East not only in 2015, but for the next five to 10 years. 

We just let a premier young talent go to our chief rival. 

But we will surely lead in executive bonuses. After all, look at all the money we saved!


KD said...

When did the Wilpons buy the Yankees?

Tex Message said...

The Steinbrenners need to sell. Losing is one thing. Not trying is another thing entirely.

KD said...

Time for us fans to penny-pinch too. Fucking unbelievable.

Leinstery said...

Maybe they can use that money to extend Beltran another 7 years. That'll win games.

Anonymous said...

Steinbrothers gave us the finger today.