Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deadspin headline nails it

Unnamed Yankee executives, of course, complained. This is truly an amazing insight into the mind of an unnamed Yankee executive. (You'd think they'd get a name.) Three reasons.

1. By coming early, and unannounced, A-Rod LIMITED the media circus that would be in tow.

2. A-Rod's appearance helped DIVERT the seething eruption of anger across the fan base Monday over unnamed Yankee executives allowing Yoan Moncada to sign with Boston.

3. Imagine that: An employee showing up EARLY. How terrible.


KD said...

I will also keep the A-Rod story from sucking all the oxygen out of the room when the rest of the players report. Seems like this is the best Al could do, given he wants his pay.

Duabe said...

Seems to me that A-R** showed up just after the pitchers and catchers reports and before the rest of his teammates so HE could take the spotlight. After that stupid hand-written note (can't he type?), A-R** put himself right on the cover again.

My of my, that man sure loves himself. He'll do anything to get more publicity.

Shut up A-R**.

el duque said...

You're right: He's a jerk. But if you attack him for everything, then when he really does something horrible, you're out of bullets.

If/When A-Rod messes up, and we start ripping him on this blog, he will have actually lost something... a defender.

KD said...

The quip about the handwritten note tipped your hand, Duabe. sarcasm at its finest!

Duabe said...

Thank you KD - I'm glad I got something right!