Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ten reasons why Derek Jeter should have bought the Buffalo Bills

1. To experience first-hand the city's reputation for beautiful women.

2. The museums, the restaurants, the nightclubs!

3. Goo Goo Dolls!

4. Chance to meet Roger Goodell.

5. Get in on the E.J. Manuel Era.

6. Add 100 pounds and still look normal.

7. Day trips to Batavia!

8. Once in lifetime opportunity to fire Rex Ryan.

9. It beats owning the Jets.

10. Win the coveted Golden Snowball. 


KD said...

11. Smelt fishing on lake Erie
12. Beef on weck sandwiches

Chicken Stanley said...

13. Women accept garbage plates as morning-after parting gifts

KD said...

14. endear himself to Scaneateles natives.