Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ideas for my next icon photo

There's been some dispute lately over whether my "Say Anything" Ernest John Cusak Boom Box-Holder photo has run its course as an IIHIIFIIc icon.

There are other possibilities. 
For example: The Smokin' Pope!

"The Shining"s Jack Nicholson ranting to the Devil.

I wouldn't mind being the Yankee fan who shot Khaddafi.

I could write as el Duque Cloverfield.

My first icon was this guy.
I could bring him back.

Another early icon was this one, for Birdman.

A friend suggests this one. I like it.

But for a long time now, 
I was sort of thinking that 
this would be my next incarnation.



Blind Robin said...

I say go with the pope as long as you are pontificating.

Anonymous said...


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I like your last one, but use this one:

John M said...

I dunno. I remember the Bat Signal fondly, and Punxsutawney Phil will always have a special place in my pinstriped heart, but John Cusack and his boombox are pretty fantastic.

If change is inevitable--as it's said to be except where the 2015 Yankees are concerned--Moses isn't bad. I remember that going to see the Ten Commandments was our family's one and only foray to a drive-in, and it rained. Maybe that'a a sign.

el duque said...

Keep in mind the context: John Cusack was trying to convince Ione Skye that while he made some mistakes, he truly loves her, and she should shut herself up in her room... that life is happening around them, and that they are young, and they belong together.

That is the message I would want Hal Steinbrenner to take from every IIH post.

el duque said...

Change: I meant that she should NOT shut herself up in her room.

The last I would want would be for Hal to shut himself up in his room.

He needs to get out and sign Moncada!

KD said...

If Papa was also holding a nice tall Deutsches Hefeweizen, the choice would be easier. As it is, none of the alternatives are calling to me.

Anonymous said...

I say the one with the machine gun. Fits the style well. That or Jack Nicholson.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that for a brief period, a lot of times (well in the past) I would scroll through the blog if I missed a few days or a week, but I would always stop when seeing the iconic 'Say Anything' pic, because it was a beacon that Duque had something to say... And I wanted to read it. And in my opinion, he's batting 1.000.

If you do have to change it, and I vote you don't, I can only hope and pray to the great George in the Sky that you go with Nicholson losing his mind on the bartender in "The Shining." That, and only that pic, would make sense, as these columns you write typically sound like a ranting mad man, which is kind of your image any way.

Don't change it... But if you must, kick it off with 'Here's Yuuuuuuuaaaaaannnnnnnyyyyyy'....

Leinstery said...

A picture of the Grandyman's face over Gene Wilder's willy Wonka.