Monday, February 23, 2015

Hal Steinbrenner's message to the Yankiverse

You'd understand my motives if you weren't so obsessed with this silly game of baseball. Winning is not how one judges success, you fools. How many homes and fast cars do you own, hmmm??


liveamovielife said...

Never had a more disappointing morning as a Yankee fan. Not necessarily because of the player, but because of the context and the state of the team. The Stein boys don't deserve their last name, nor do they deserve ownership of this franchise. Honestly, the Sox?!!! Dad is rolling over in his grave.

Alphonso said...

didn't I say this some time ago? That the Steindolts only care about their own fortune? That, unlike Papa, the Yankees are mostly an annoyance to them, except for the cash flow?

The only thing we can do is join the enemy. If we at least pretend to be Red Sox fans, the losses and humiliation of the next 10 years won't hurt as much.

Can't wait to hear Cashman's BS on this failure.

Leinstery said...

Guys guys, this isn't Hank and Hal's fault. It's their sister's. If I remember correctly George wanted to leave the team, or at least the operations of the team, to his son in law. However they got divorced so George was forced to leave it to these two retards.

BernBabyBern said...

Alph, if you believe the folks at ESPN New York (which, of course, I wouldn't), they are saying that Cashman wanted to up the offer to Moncada but Hal wouldn't open up the checkbook.

Please, can we find a us billionaire who actually cares about winning?