Thursday, October 1, 2015

I've Seen Enough !

Last night was just puke.  I have had better nights, vomiting on my shoes and peeing on myself in a bar, waking up in an alley.  Watching this Yankee team is an embarrassment.

The Yankees, under the woebegone tutelage of Joe Girardi, just can't do a thing right.  When this ends badly, as it will, don't forget that Joe has been at the helm.

Joe pinch-hits John Ryan Murphy for Bird ( who can hit lefties, Joe ) and he strikes out, extending his streak of hitless pinch hitting appearances.  Now the defense softens, as whomever Joe puts at first will rival Carlos Beltran for competence there.  I didn't stay up to see if it was John Ryan or that dweeb with the bad back we recently traded for.

Joe plays the tie going into the ninth, " by the book."  A tactic that has cost us every time.  We never win tie games in extra innings.

The reason;  home runs don't come that often.  We score early and go home.  The Yankees can't manufacture runs any other way.

But before we all fall on our swords, let us remember the early and even pre-season warnings we raised:

-An old team that is susceptible to injuries.
- A 40 year old slugger who will wear out after the dog days of August.
- A questionable starting staff ( CC seemed done; Nova is never reliable; Tanaka and his arm issue; Pineda and his arm/mental issue; Nathan Eovaldi and his bad luck.
- A replacement at SS that is not Derek.( Didi had lost his job on the team that traded him to us).
_ A New York Met "slugger"who got trashed by the Mets.
_ No one at second base.  No one.  All season.
- Tex with a history of season ending injuries.  And he did not let us down.
-  A catcher not as good as either of two we released for him (Martin, Cervelli).
-A CF who had his best days in Boston
- A farm system with no superstars anywhere near those that Boston has already elevated.

We ( I ) actually predicted that this team would not even make the one game play-in.  So what is all the fuss about?

Do they make it if they lose all remaining games, but back in?

Not in my mind.

Maybe it's me. Really bad Ju-Ju. I'm not going to watch anymore this year.

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