Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Art Of Deception

I finally figured it out.

As soon as the red socks came to town last week the Yankees, under the clever management of
Joe ( the magician ) Girardi, began to quietly execute "Plan B."

This unexpected bit of creative baseball planning called for the Yankees to look helpless.  To fail at every discipline.

Leave runners in scoring position.
Give up multiple homers to a broad base of up and coming players
Utilize losing baseball strategies in all circumstances
Have reliable pitchers collapse early.
Overwork the quality guys in the bull pen.
Order A-Rod to strike out with the bases loaded.
Make sure Headley doesn't bunt with the tying run on third, no outs, and the infield playing deep.
Play shoddy defense.
Have your fastest guy get picked off when representing the tying run in the ninth inning.

And it has worked.

 Who, in the American league, doesn't now see this team as inept?  As unworthy of any playoff role? As an opponent who will be crushed and demoralized by the third inning of any game?  A team with no threats at all in important moments?  With a manager whose moves can be read like Pineda's pitches?

"Plan B" has worked perfectly.  Flawlessly.

The only sacrifice is that Yankee fans won't get to see them capitalize on the benefits of this deception at the stadium.  Not getting to play the play-in game in front of Yankee fans is also part of the plan.

The sacrifices we make.


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jdrny said...

Complete lack of management strategy or creativity. Agree.
Doesn't know the technique of "small ball" or refuses to use it.