Sunday, June 5, 2016

Aprés Le Deluge

The Yankees were well into their bullpen, trying to protect a 1-0 lead in the 8th inning, when the rains came.

I don't know if this game gets called; is postponed; or resumes.

I don't know if Rob Refsnyder can play first base well enough to keep it.

I do know one thing.

Rob Refsnyder can hit.

Into double plays.

With the best of them.


Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

And lo, the rains did stopeth, and on the Mound appeared the Third Visage of the Three-Headed Dragon, and thrice, it was Not Good.

I gather that Delicate Betances was responsible for two of the runs (perhaps he awoke prematurely from his afternoon nap after too much milk and cookies, or pricked a finger on a thorn while tending his rose garden), and that The Scranton Strangler sealed the deal with run number three. I reiterate my suggestion that they (including The Stringbean, who got a reprieve today) are no better or dependable than the rest of our at-best-mediocre pitching staff (save, perhaps for Eovaldi and “good” CC), but in this case egregiously so due to all the hype they have generated. “Unbeatable” my ass.

Damned rain! If only it had continued for another half hour or so, we’d have jumped the train back to NYC with a 1-0 victory. But the downward spiral inexorably continues past even a grasp at mediocrity (the ever-distant .500) into infamy, and ultimately, disaster. Wake me when it’s 2019.

John M said...

Austrian fans obviously know their stuff. Although I do think Miller and Chapman and Betances are very, very good, they are not unbeatable...not quite the same "sure thing" we got used to with Mariano coming in, even though he sometimes wasn't perfect, either.

Betances seems to get tired a lot. Bound to get overused when there are no other reliable pitchers in the bullpen aside from the Kloser Kids. Which means he won't be that reliable. Which means it will be Miller and Chapman who will start getting overused, so they become less reliable.

Who'd we get for Justin Wilson again?

Alphonso said...

Somebody great. I'm just sure of it.