Friday, June 24, 2016

We Need A Yexit Referendum !

Who is more level headed and rational than the British?

And they have, this morning, announced the results of their national referendum to exit the European Union.  They voted to split.  England is out, or about to be, of the European Union.

That doesn't mean they are aligning with the Soviet Union ( oops, I mean Russia ), it simply means they don't wish to any longer take instructions from Brussels.

Will they stop playing cricket?  I don't think so.  Will their food choices worsen?  Not as long as there remain chefs of Asian extract in the homeland.

Accordingly, I think Yankee fans should consider a referendum to have the Yankees exit the American League.

This would help us in numerous ways;

1.  We get to keep the famous Yankee name, but no longer have to listen to the President of the American League.

2.  We get all new umpires.

3.  Our pitchers are better hitters than they are pitchers, and they will get more at bats.

4.  Records will revert to a new beginning, so instead of being at .500 we can start over at 0-0.

5.  Hal ( " I'm not cheap") Steinbrenner gets another chance to prove it.

6.  We save a fortune on fat, old, slow DH's.

7.  Bunting and pinch-hitting become recovered arts.

8.  Injuries will be reduced as fewer of our batters ( Tex? ) will get hit,  because pitchers have to have at bats.

9.  We get to play the Padres more.

10.  Maybe the baseball commissioner, who will be against our exit, will have to step down.

Hey, if it doesn't work, we can always play cricket.


Mustang said...

Wall Street Journal: Mets beat Yankees in attendance: "For the first time in the 7½-year histories of Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium, [on 6/21] more people paid to watch the Mets than the Yankees when the two played home games on the same day."

Alphonso said...

We have become the Greece of MLB.

joe de pastry said...

The Brits are about to become the new Greece.
They've proven themselves to be as dumb as Trump voters.
[I've been trying to make "as dumb as Trump voters" what Millennials call "a thing," but it doesn't seem to be catching on; maybe there are more Trump voters than I realized.]

Anonymous said...

Joe, clearly your head has not seen the sun in a long time .

Alphonso said...


The economic suicide that the Brits just brought upon themselves does cast a worrisome shadow across the pond.

Exactly how stupid are we?

And how many of us claim that title?

Now the idiots in the UK are "googling" EU to try and find out exactly what they voted themselves out of, or into.

Your point is well taken:

England will become the new Greece, only without the climate.

I think your proposed thing, " as dumb as Trump voters, " is right on. Keep working it with the millennials.

I feel like we have a time bomb ticking away in our kitchen.

Anonymous said...

It must be nice to be the smartest person in the room. The arrogance and ego of the left is amazing. When was the last time either of you were in The UK or did a serious study of this issue ? Stick to baseball.

Alphonso said...

But where is your argument?

The ignorance of the right is perplexing. Facts never seem to matter.

Why is that?

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I am in the UK now, and Alphonso and Joe de Pastry's comments are absolutely 1000000000% on the mark!

Anonymous said...

The issue of the U.K. is secondary to my point regarding the arrogance of the left. Time will tell if the U.K made the right call. People wanted their national sovereignty back. Long term this may be a good move or not. My comments regard Joe's "Dumb as Trump voters" comment. Personally I don't care for either Trump or HRC. It is the left's constant demonization , dismissal and ridicule of those who they disagree with that I find offensive .

As I said stick to baseball.

joe de pastry said...

I don't ridicule all who disagree, I ridicule idiots, like Trump and his no-nothing supporters. But, now that I think about it more, I think you're right when you say we should stick to baseball. Why argue about politics here? Once we start, we may never stop. I stop now.

Anonymous said...

Joe, there are "know nothing " "idiots " who support HRC and "know nothing " "idiots" that support Trump. If you look past the HRC supporters agreement with you , you will see many of them know very little . Also if you listen Trump supporters you will see many that know a lot. They most likely have a different philosophical core than you and thus don't support your view or candidate. But many bright knowledgable people support both political parties. It is when you cast the net and lump all Trump supporters into the know nothing group and perhaps don't see that in the HRC crowd I believe you misfire. Like you said I stop now.

As Yankees fans let's enjoy what we can of a difficult season and stick to baseball.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

On this I agree with you all, let's stick to baseball.