Saturday, June 11, 2016

News From the Shadow of the Baseball Cathedral:

Bronx cemetery accepting applicants for summer internship
"It seems like it's hard work but it's smart work," Luis Cruz said.

From Polish ghetto to Bronx slaughterhouse
"All our beef comes from steer. Those are male cows that have been castrated."

Bronx principal reassigned over threat to blow up staff
"It's not the first time the school leader has landed in hot water."

Baby porcupine on display at Bronx Zoo 
"Despite popular belief, porcupines cannot shoot their quills."

Bronx hospital worker found dead at desk "may have been masturbating"
"He was partly undressed and pornography was playing on a computer nearby."

YouTube account Dash Cam Video Driver drives Gun Hill Road:



I'm Bill White said...

Limiting the essay to 100-250 words regarding why you want to work at the cemetery just doesn't seem like enough.

el duque said...

The guy was definitely masturbating. Absolutely no doubt.

John M said...

Thank God a cemetery worker wasn't found dead while masturbating. That would be too weird.