Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How You Doin?

Thought I'd gone?

I discovered " fresh pickings" in the minor leagues.  And even amongst the " active " Yankee trade bait.

Someone named Kaprellian is done.  Did I spell that correctly?  You will hear a lot of back and forth from Yankee brass: terms like, " maybe this, " maybe that" let's "try rest" for a while.

Forget it all.

The longer the delay, the longer it takes for you to see him again.  He is going under the knife.   Kaprellian is not as tall as Andy Brackman, but you can forget about him in the same way that Andy is gone from memory.  Think of this:  you will all be able to say (when he makes his first start at AA in 2018,) ".... and he is still only 26...".

Same age as Slade Heathcott will still be.

And I hear that the Yankees are wavering on strategy for the trade deadline; " do they become buyers or sellers?"  First of all;  how idiotic is that?  The team is 10 games out and fading fast, and they want us to believe the one game play in game is still ours for the taking?

The truth is;  I will make the decision for them. Think of this simple reality:  If you have no one to sell ( think Beltran here.....his is  not a "day by day" tweak, as Joe would have us believe ), you can't become sellers. Put another way:  If you have no Jack Daniels in the store, no one can buy it off your shelf.

So the buy/sell conundrum reduces to one choice ;  the Yankees will buy.  They will spend freely to bring in more old, worn down, highly expensive names.   Why, you ask?

Because The Yankees never give real opportunities to healthy young people.  Not ever.  Those $20 million contracts for .500 talent cannot be seen ( by brass ) as wasted sewer water.  Management cannot be exposed as incompetent, unaccountable fools.

I am working to so expose them.

It is so easy.  All I have to do is float around the pond, and wait.


13bit said...

keep floating, brother. there are a lot of us in this pond, just floating around, munching on flies, and waiting until 2021 or so.

John M said...

Tex is closing in on .200. Headley is closing in on .250. Ike Davis is closing in on AA.

You have to be positive. And I think we're pretty positive this team really sucks.

joe de pastry said...

Ramiro Pena is doin' great. He played 2B for the baseball Giants last night.
Went 2 for 5, batting .412.

Anonymous said...


The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

Blake Rutherford signed with Yankees. Their gamble drafting him pays off.