Saturday, June 4, 2016

I've Been Up on A Summer Pond in Canada, But I Am Not Asleep

I came during the night for Ackley,  and now have Tex in my sights.

The hospital for Special Surgery has private rooms available for both.

All of this is with a purpose.

It is another way to show the world that Cashman has not done his job.  That the Yankees have no young talent anywhere.

That the free agent signings have been worthless.

That his comments about the Yankee farm system have been bald-faced lies.

That his trades leave us helpless.

The hope is;  Cashman gets replaced for incompetence.

I will keep taking Yankee players out of the line-up until the cupboard is barren.

Until even a person deaf, dumb and blind ( are you there Hal?) can see what Cashman's ineptitude has brought to this once proud franchise.

When I am done, people will be laughing at the product on the field.

I have Jacoby in my sights right now.

It is time for war.


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