Monday, June 6, 2016

Everything's Archie

In 1966 (or thereabouts...but decidedly in the Yankees late-60s disasterama), I used to watch the Saturday morning cartoons. The Beatles cartoon show was broadcast around that time, which was terrible, but at least it had Beatles songs.

As corporate America raced to copy the Fab Four Fenomenon, all kinds of crap floated to the surface (the Monkees being the best of it), including the dreck below. For some reason that makes at least a modicum of sense, my brain has equated the horror of the Yankees during that period with the horror of the Archies. Even as a kid, I knew the show sucked Ballpark Franks, but watched it like a traffic accident almost every Saturday. Of course, I also watched the Yankees whenever they were on an Albany-area TV station in those pre-cable days, and I listened to the other games on the trusty GE transistor.

For those keeping score at home, we are now 26-30. After 56 games, the 1966 Yanks were 24-31-1.

And everything's Archie.


I'm Bill White said...

Carl Crawford is probably looking at real estate in Manhattan. At 34, he's the young spark that Cash's been looking for.

el duque said...

Didn't Archie die recently?

Or was in a fight with Iron Man?

Alphonso said...

I liked the babes, jughead ( his prodigious appetite for burgers ) and, of course, the rich uncle.

Mustang said...

Thank you for your service, John M. This running 1966-2016 parallel is invaluable.

Anonymous said...