Thursday, December 8, 2016

Axisa: Yanks Normalize Domestic Violence

My favorite Yankees writer (present company excepted), Mike Axisa of River Avenue Blues, put the Chapman signing in disturbing focus today (emphasis mine):

Don’t forget how this started. This all started because Chapman did something terrible in his house with the people he cares about the most around him, terrible enough to warrant a police investigation and a 30-game suspension that would have been longer had he not cut a deal with MLB to maintain his impending free agency. That ugliness created the reality of Chapman in pinstripes. The Yankees are hoping some 105 mph fastballs will make everyone forget all about that, and based on the reaction over the summer, it’ll work. But the people whose lives have been damaged by domestic violence won’t overlook it. 


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Yea, he did something bad. But we can all notice that the Domestic Violence issue did not prevent the major networks -- or every single sports outlet in print, radio, TV, or Internet -- from covering and celebrating the Chicago Cubs' victory in the World Series.

Did any writer or broadcaster say: Chapman went to the Cubs, Miller to the Indians, and Miller is a pure as the driven snow -- so do not root for the Cubs....???

During coverage of the final game, and post-game celebrations, did a host of broadcasters (and writers) refer to this issue? No? I wonder why not?

It's only an issue for the Yankees, not the Cubs?


Did this person Axisa (or any other person) write up Chapman's domestic violence issue in late September? Did any of them refuse to carry information about the World Series because this guy was involved?

It's only a problem NOW? We're just remembering it now? OK -- if it really is worth Axisa's note right now, then we can expect him to write up the idea that the Cubs should voluntarily relinquish their WS trophy because Chapman helped them get it.....rioght?

Other questions:

A. Was Chapman ever charged?
B. Did Chapman ever go boating stoned off his ass, and end up killing himself?
C. Is Chapman still "with" the woman in this incident, or not?
D. Did this person (Axisa) give detailed coverage to the F-Bomb dropped in Boston by Big Papschmear with a microphone in his hand? In front of a stadium (and a viewing audience?) replete with children?
E. Did this person say (years ago) the Red Suckers should be shunned because of the PED use by Bib Papschmear?

Please. You quote the guy here for some reason. Why?

Haven't we had enough of this crap during the political campaign? For all the MANY good reasons to dump on Trump, the Hillary campaign decided to make an issue of something he said into a microphone in 2005 and how he treated a Miss Universe candidate -- in the 1990s -- who gained weight after winning.

That was stupid. In hindsight, we can see it was a mistake. But at the time, I wondered: WHY bring this up? How many votes will it change? Trump's an idiot, but can't you "convict" him of something important -- like, maybe, his "thinking" on global warming?

Hillary and the Dems (and the media, pundits, and even some Republicans) didn't do that. Trump was condemned for this other stuff. Did that matter? Did that work? Was it smart?

Same thing right now for Axisa's comments. Yes, Chapman had a problem; but if a new problem has not occurred, why write it up NOW? Was there a violence or attitude problem in 2016, when he was in the Cubs' bullpen and locker-room? Did the Cubs lose the World Series because of Chapman's actions or words? Did he ruin things for everybody when he was with the Yankees?

I am not sure why you chose to post Axisa's commments here, but -- I feel we've had enough of this crap in 2016, outside of the baseball universe. Shame on you for posting his!!!

KD said...

Axisa sometimes comes off as a mouthpiece for Yankees management, putting forth agitprop that serves the team. They are putting Chapman on public notice. keep your nose clean, boy! I'm sure there is a strong morals clause in his contract.

anyhow, I, having sinned myself, won't be casting any stones Chapman's way.

KD said...

didn't cashman also do "something terrible" that hurt those he loves and destroyed his family?

just saying...

Mustang said...

Domestic violence has a bad reputation. If you think that should change, give generously to your local men's advocacy group.

John M said...

I'm not making excuses for domestic violence...I've been involved in it as a child and young adult, on either side. It's ugly, it's shattering, it screws everyone up and takes years of couch time with the shrink to overcome. Chapman doesn't exhibit any remorse about that incident, either. About the only thing you can say in his defense is that the garage got the worst of it. Then you have the cultural aspect, the macho thing...

So on the one hand, I want to be tough on the guy, not as much for what he did as for his seeming lack of introspection and guilt about it. It can be very, very difficult to control, but man, at the very least it should make you feel like shit about yourself and wonder what the hell is wrong with you and send you to the nearest hard-core psychiatrist. It's a symptom that something needs to be addressed, and the sooner the better. Haven't been aware of that in his case.

On the other hand, it's also an incredibly personal matter inside the family. It shouldn't stop a person from earning a living at what they do, unless they are charged and convicted and put in jail. And if it's clear that the employer will not stand for any transgressions--or if it's somehow addressed in the contract--that's important.

Chapman may not be an evil person. He might have some real issues (a lot of people do) and is too unaware to realize it. Domestic violence to varying degrees is probably something that was/is common in his family and friends, and isn't yet stigmatized by them. Hard to say. But until he proves that he cannot act like a decent human being, I'll personally give him a second chance. Might not be the right thing to do in the eyes of some people, and even I have my doubts, but I can't deny him something I found myself begging for when I was a young guy who had yet to confront and control my own demons. It can be done if you make the effort.

John M said...

PS...of course, you can argue that he's already proved he can't act like a decent human being. I get that. I mean, moving forward, obviously.

Mustang said...

To me, all Mike was saying was, 1) His domestic violence is the reason Chapman became a Yankee, and 2) That feels weird. I think it's a fair reaction. I don't think he means to condemn Chapman for life; I sure don't.

Anonymous said...


KD said...

His first stint in pinstrips due to the domestic violence charge and the Yanks gambling on the duration of his suspension. (Gambled and won, BTW.) His second stint more due to Hal remembering the combination to his Scrooge McDuck vault.

But, yeah. He doesn't seem to be a flower of humanity and we expect more of baseball players, especially Yankees. Maybe we should force him to atone by wearing pink shoes and ribbons for a week. Didn't that work well for the NFL?

Anonymous said...

and Chapo, he's delicate, seems like veneer
He just makes it all too concise and to clear
that MILLER's not here....BD/LB

JM said...

Agreed. Miller was the one to keep, Betances one to trade. Oh, well.

Mustang, point taken.

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