Friday, December 23, 2016

Tweeting His Way Out of Cooperstown

As we end 2016 realizing that the once mighty Yankees have become nothing more than a feeder team to the small-market Pirates, one happy morsel we can savor this holiday season is knowing that Curt Schilling is a millstone around the neck of the hated Blosox, not us.

This article reports that the ever-entertaining Schilling is realizing his Hall of Fame chances are dwindling.  Instead of taking it with a modicum of dignity and grace, he's lashing out at writers and suspected PED users.

Good plan.

It must be hell knowing that your ketchup-doctored sock is in the Hall of Fame but your big, dumb, loutish self isn't.

In reflecting on our team during this less-than-joyous Yankee off-season, I'd still rather have a solid rotation and a new third baseman under our tree, but I'll take this little ChristmaCarfroCurt and sip it with some spiked egg nog.

Life isn't all bad.


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John M said...

I'd call him a jerk but that would be an insult to Local Bargain Jerk.

Asshole...sociopath...thief...hard to find that right word...