Saturday, December 31, 2016

How 2017 should be...

My new photo for 2017?
Is this too much to ask for?

cf Jacoby Ellsbury: .312, 19 HR, 32 SB, AL Comeback Player
lf Brett Gardner: .284, 15 HR, Gold Glove
c Gary Sanchez: .273, 36 HR, 131 RBI MVP.
dh Matt Holliday:
.302, 31 HR, 125 RBI All Star.
1b Greg Bird:
.258, 34 HR, 121 RBI All Star
rf Aaron Judge: .254, 32 HR, 88 RBI Rookie of Year
ss Didi Gregorius: .274, 22 HR, 76 RBI Roberto Clemente Award
2b Starlin Castro: 264, 22 HR, 70 RBI
3b Chase Headley: .275, 19 HR, 66 RBI

Masahiro Tanaka 21-5, 2.99 ERA Cy Young
CC Sabathia 18-12, 3.94 ERA
Luis Severino 15-9, 3.29 ERA
Luis Cessa 12-9, 3.81
Bryan Mitchell 10-5 3.93
Dellin Betances 4-1, 1.93
Aroldis Chapman 4-0, 1.83, 40 SAVES Rolaids Award

Joe Girardi: Manager of the Year
Brian Cashman: Executive of the Year
Hal Steinbrenner: Time Magazine Man of the Year
Randy Levine: Winner, Dancing with the Stars
John Sterling: Grammy for Spoken Recordings
Suzyn Waldman: Nobel Prize for Literature

Scranton-Wilkes Barre:  International League Governor's Cup

Note: We will be shut out at the Oscars. Also, due to my natural conservative nature in predictions, I'm pushing back Gleyber's Triple Crown season until 2021)


Anonymous said...

Corn-fucius say (via Homer & Jethro): asketh for the sun, and perhaps you will get (the) MOON(ed). Doesn't hurt to ask, Duque - - you may even make the ju-ju gods laugh - - as you have made me laugh so many times in this otherwise disastrous year....and for that, I can't thank you enough.

Having said that, I'm with you all the way through the position-players & pitchers; after that, well: if so much success means many more years of putting up with Cash-Puss & Joey Binders, no, thanks....Prince Hamlet for "MOTY", only if it means he wisely sold high on the Yankees, to someone who actually wants to win. Also, your DWTS prediction: Usually, DWTS award-winners are there because they have lost their day-jobs - - if that is the case, I'm with you all the way, Baby!! LB (no J)

Alphonso said...

I think the likelihood of your predictions become reality can be measured in a context to which we can all relate.

Let me put that conclusion into perspective:

There is the same probability that Trump, immediately following the inauguration, will begin functioning much as Abe Lincoln did, with a clear focus on the good of the nation, and with deliberation, reason, fairness and honesty. And that his vice president , the Pence boy, will drop his narrow minded evangelical hatreds and bible full of mis-information, and become more Ghandi-like in his treatment of all people, with a total commitment to the principles of democracy and the constitution.

Both will work to bring reality to the concept that the American government, the greater America, is truly a nation, " of the people, by the people and for the people."

So, we could be in for a really excellent season.

Happy New Year!!

JM said...

Jesus, Alphonso, you kill me! Duque is really funny, but you come out with some stuff that...well, LOL is putting it mildly.

I love the player predictions. Wouldn't it be amazing to have that many 30 HR guys in the lineup? I'd like to see more .300 hitters, or high OBPs (isn't that the thing the Beatles ended up giving back to the Queen?) would do. But still.

If the lineup can produce like that, the pitching records could very well turn out, too. But I agree with LB(not J). It would be teeth-grindingly terrible if Joey and Cashadoodle got credit. Even though that's the way baseball works.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

F--- Trump. But on Abe:

1 - didn't have a wartime Consigliere. This really hurt the country. He might have had a clue when his name didn't appear on the ballot in a whole bunch of (ultimately Confederate) states. He had no experience, but there was experience available.

2 -- suspended the writ of habeas corpus. He had his reasons, but look at the USofA some 140 years later -- and you get The (notreally) Patriot Act. You can actually draw a line from one to the other.

3 -- stuck with McClellan long after it became obvious that the guy was more scared of losing than he was interested in winning. This didn't stop Georgie from running against Abe in 1864. Had someone with a grip on reality actually run the US army in 1862, the "lost cause" crap never would have come to life . . . as the US army outnumbered the Confeds 2-to-1 in the Peninsula Campaign. A quick, devastating victory was within McClellan's grasp. He fumbled.

Not only can you look this up, but the "lost cause" crap is the foundation for a lot of the problems in this country -- TODAY!


Bad military decisions by Abe left and right. He "found" Grant and Sherman after Hooker, Burnside, and a bunch of others -- roughly like Girardi emptying the bullpen and "finding" someone who gets the Red Sox out (with the score 11-2).

SO: I already know Trump will be a nightmare. But I don't particularly want to relive the Abe Lincoln version.

Sorry to jump down your throat, so to speak. But the worship of Abe in this country maybe stems from the fact he was shot, maybe from his refusal to walk away from the war with the Confeds . . . maybe from his ability to tolerate his crazy wife without having her institutionalized. HOWEVER, it ain't rational.

.....much like having faith that Ellsbury will show up for more than 125 games in 2017.

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