Thursday, December 8, 2016

Brian Cashman: Analogy Guru Generator

"If it is the NBA, we're in the pack of contenders looking to take Golden State down."

Brian Cashman
December 7, 2016


"If it is the Alamo, we're in the band of Texians looking to take President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna down."

"If it is 1 Samuel, Chapter 17, we're David looking to take Goliath down."

"If it is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we're in the group of rebel spies trying to steal the plans to the Death Star."

"If it is Hank Steinbrenner, we're the owner of the Chinese buffet with the all-you-can-eat special hoping to fill him up on rice."

"If it is Olan Mills Family Picture Day 1977, we're the photographer trying to make Young Hal Steinbrenner smile."

"If it is any sports broadcast on cable or network television, we're the dad trying to deflect the question 'what is Viagra?' from our 8-year-old daughter."

"If it is..."


KD said...

If it is the Stein/Clinton team, we're the ones recounting votes in Wisconsin

Local Bargain Jerk said...

If it's a maggot found in a clump of stadium dirt, we're the ones working with Steiner collectibles to seal it in plexiglass and sell it.

el duque said...

If it is Cashman, we're the GM's lining up to make a deal.

Anonymous said...


Der Kaiser said...

If it's building a baseball team from young home-grown players, we're the ones losing eight players in the Rule 5 draft.

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