Friday, March 3, 2017

Four more years! Four more years!

It's Ellsbury, of course. ESPN's Andrew Marchand states the obvious today, but it needs to be said, and often:

In his three seasons in the Bronx, he has hit .264 with a .326 on-base percentage -- far below his career totals of .297 and .439 coming into the contract. He has stolen just 80 bases -- 10 more than he stole in a single season, 2009, with the Boston Red Sox. He has hit 32 homers in three seasons as a Yankee, which is the same amount he swatted in 2011 in Boston, the one year that seemed to justify his big-bucks signing. Ellsbury chases balls down in center field, but he throws worse than a New York Jets quarterback.
How lame does Ells have to be before he gets the A-Rod treatment? Or is eating four years...about 88 million dollars...just a bridge too far? Wouldn't anybody want him? We might get a bag of chips and a Big Gulp in exchange, but at least we'd have somebody with a chance of rising above incredible mediocrity in center field.

And I always liked the guy. What a bust.


el duque said...

Oh yee who have little faith.

Comeback Player of the Year!

And I am not a robot.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

LIFE seems to pursue "the theory of compensation."

You get one Babe Ruth, the deal of many lifetimes.

After that, you get . . . among other things . . . Clemens, certainly a mixed blessing.

And now -- this. The way out seems clear: Abandon him on an island of cannibals. Or, if that turns your stomach: Just pay Ellsbury off.

Things really do "even out." Over time, at least. Don't they?

[I am aware we "gave" Elston Howard to the Bostonians in 1967, but apparently that came up way short of appeasing the gods]

Anonymous said...

Another long term contract with all downside. Maybe he can provide some leadership to all of the young players but his personality seems just as strong as his throwing arm.