Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Yankee Questions the GOP Should Ask Elena Kagan

1. Where do you stand on Lowe v. Wang?

2. In your opinion, should the 2005 Damaso Marte-Xavier Nady trade be overturned?

3. Does the U.S. Constitution give an owner the right to ban facial hair?

4. Would you characterize yourself as a Yogi Berra judge, or a Billy Martin judge?

5. Nowhere in your entire paper trail is there one comment or reference regarding the 2004 trade for and subsequent re-signing of Alex Rodriguez. It is as if the entire file was scrubbed clean of potentially controversial statements. Why did you so painstakingly avoid this particualr issue and, to clear the air now, what are your opinions on Arod?

6. You have vowed to listen to both sides of every argument before issuing a decision. Does this mean you would stand on the mound of Yankee Stadium, with 55,000 people cheering and a national TV audience waiting, and allow a clearly overwhelmed AJ Burnett attempt to talk you out of bringing the hook?

7. Do you have empathy for Dustin Pedroia, and, if so, would this affect your abilities to deliver an effective strategy for ending this problem?

8. What should Americans reasonably expect Colin Curtis, Ramiro Pena and you to issue from the bench?

9. Should Major League Baseball be allowed to in any way limit the Yankees' Constitutional right to pursue and bear arms?

10. What does goes on in the locker room of those girl softball teams?


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