Monday, June 7, 2010

Yankee Offense Feasts On Canadian Bird Pitching

In a display of offensive firepower not seen in days, the Yankees blasted their way from behind to edge Toronto yesterday, and avoid a 3 game sweep.

More importantly, the Yanks avoided a "less than one run per nine innings" weekend.

Late in the game, the World Champs were down 2-0 (despite six innings of one hit ball from Javy) when the Yanks executed a non-stop slugfest and brought another losing streak to a scorching halt.

They showed the kind of overwhelming offense that has not only the Yanks' AL East rivals running for cover, but also the suits and ties of major league baseball.

The key at bat was A-Rod's strikeout. But I am jumping ahead.

Cervelli and then Gardner were scorched by back to back pitches, delivered by back to back pitchers, to start the rally. I won't mention Derek's key double, except to say that he squeezed a liner inside first base to pull the Yanks within a run.

Swish then gets rung up on a non-swing ball in the dirt that was a far worse call than the hack job at first base in Detroit the other day. Are these umps all blind?

Tex did nothing, per 2010, lowering his average to .210 ( year to date ), which is well below the high water mark for hitting ineptitude earlier established by Carmen Miranda who, while still hidden in Scranton, may soon be pushing Tex for playing time.

When Alex failed to swing at a ball in the dirt, the ball kicked away from Molina and Gardner scored, despite A-Rod's alert signaling to Brett to remain at third.

Following this excitement, A-Rod fanned again. Finally, the damage had been done and the stage was set for Robbie to win the game.

This combination of near no-hit pitching and multiple hit batters, topped by a passed ball, left the Yankees jumping for joy and the league paralyzed with fear.

No thanks to Joba.

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Bye Bye Balboni said...

Tex will still be a valuable late-inning defensive replacement even when the Yanks bring back Shelley Duncan as the starting first baseman.