Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stats in Clippard-Albaladejo deal favor Yankees

Some people have whined that the Yankees were taken by dealing Tyler "The Yankee" Clippard to Washington two springs ago for Jonathan "Jessica" Albaladejo. Not so fast.

Numbers don't lie, buckos, and check these out:

Albaladejo: 29 ganes, 23 saves, 44 strikeouts, 1.10 ERA.
Clippard: 35 games, 1 save, 51 strikeouts, 1.65 ERA.

Close, but you have to go with Alba! Twenty-three saves, incredible!


Dan Rather said...

Clip gets the nod since he plays in division 1-AAA

Joe De Pastry said...

Plus Albaladago has the advantage of Kei Igawa creating all those save situations for him. [Not to mention that Clippard is a set-up man with 8 wins and 14 holds].