Saturday, June 19, 2010

If the Yankees played only good teams, could they go 0-162?


No MLB franchise has ever gone defeated over a full season, and don't expect it to happen soon!

True, the 2010 Yankee coursers are performing like a team of destiny, with a Liquid Whiteout lineup that could run the table -- as long as they don't face Houston. If this Yankee used Kleenex garage sale played only decent teams -- like the Phillies and Mets -- who knows how bad they could be!

Last night was a perfect, 2010 signature Yankee loss:

1. Flail haplessly at a middling pitcher who has been pummeled by lesser teams.

2. Cede a few runs in the late innings, wrecking hope a comeback.

3. Leave runners in scoring position. 

4. Hit long fly balls. Fans love long fly balls.

5. Rally in the 9th, when it's too late. In critical moment, see #4.

But don't worry, Yankiverse. We still have our full allotment of games against KC.

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Barack said...

I think we could come within 10 games.

10 - 152.

We should have a pole, or a Pole, or a poll.