Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good job last night, Joba. Now here's your reward: Miley Cyrus!

From now on, our IT IS HIGH YANKEE PLAYER OF THE GAME will receive something far more coveted that a Polio Cheese Basket or Little Debbie Snack Bag.

We will bestow upon this lucky Yankee


Last night, Joba Chamberlain came in with runners on second and third and one out. He gave up a fly ball, which scored a run. Then he struck out Lance Berkman. For that fine work -- at considerable expense -- we put Joba into our 12x12' Naugahide-walled procreation pen with non-other than a sexually starved, acid-laced, leather-handcuffed star of music and silver screen... Miley Cyrus.

Immediately, Joba liked it.

The result... using morphing techology, of course...
(We actually didn't kidnap these great stars and force them to have sex,
like out-of-work Bear Stearns accountants at a Tijuana cockfight.)

Here she is, Smiley J. Chamberlain.

Eddie Munster, eat your heart out.


richinvegas said...

Since you admit to making that up, I assume one lucky reader won't be receiving the Little Debbie snack bag. Sometimes you guys are just a tease!

el duque said...

Wait... brilliant!

Let's have the Yankee of the Game do Little Debbie!

Joe De Pastry said...

I don't know about Debbie, but you need to wait 6 months before you have somebody do Miley. In the mean time, there's always Emma Watson.