Friday, June 18, 2010

Yanks Add fuel To Aging Offense

With nearly everyone under the age of 30 hitting about .230 or lower, the Yanks are re-building and refueling their offensive engines.

Courtesy of Smirnoff, it is expected that Joba and other pitchers will excel at the plate in the upcoming inter-league games.

Russo and Guffman should go 1-24 combined if one of them can scratch out another infield single. By the way, I would keep that Guffman ball if it becomes his only major league hit, otherwise, it is kind of embarrassing.

The Yankee offense reminds me more and more of the USA World Cup team. We somehow steal our way into the big dance ( by beating Trinidad-Tobago in the snow at Columbus, Ohio ? ), but then shoot blanks against real teams. The goal against England being the futbol equivalent of Luis Castillo's pop fly drop last year that let the Yankees beat the Mets.

Our "B" teams are simply impotent.

The Mets will put us six feet under all weekend.

Where is Waldo? With Joba.


Joe De Pastry said...

If we're waiting for Guffman or Mad Dog to save us we're in real sad shape. BTW, Eric Hinske has as many homers as Curses not so Grandish, in fewer at bats, and his BA is 80 points higher.

Ian Kennedy said...

And Austin Jackson will be rookie of the year.

And Grandy will hit .240 and be out a lot with
leg issues.

And he won't hit when it matters at all.

And he is much older than AJ.