Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Say Nick Johnson To Return in 2014

Nick Johnson's wrist can become useless just by eating spaghetti with his hands.

And if anyone is expecting him to return to the Yankee line-up this season, just take a quick look at what is happening beneath his skin.

One Doctor I spoke with described it as, " marshmallow soup." They can't find any bones or ligaments to repair.

Apparently, the best treatment alternative for Nick is an experimental, new therapy involving sea water soakings, which is why Nick is headed for the Alabama shore line later today.

If he keeps a BP oil-soaked Pelican on it without moving for a month, his wrist might be ready for a rehab assignment in 2 years.

But he can only use a plastic bat and whiffle ball.

Even if he does return, we can't expect him to play more than one game before he is again injured.

Personally, I'd rather spend all the time and money trying to clean that pelican.

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