Saturday, June 5, 2010

Simple Math: B + Yankee = Lose

I will eventually get tired of saying this, but the Yankee "B" team cannot win.

When we rest a regular, we lose. Unless, of course, we are playing the Orioles or Indians.

Toronto has yet to beat Tampa Bay.
Toronto has one win vs. Boston.
Toronto is undefeated against the Yankees.

We have score 3 runs in 23 ( 24 ?) innings against Toronto.

You could see it unfolding, inning after inning; first pitch swings by the middle of our line-up created 2 out situations with no one on base.

A-Rod obviously has a babe waiting in a hotel room tonight, and he just wanted to get there.

Wasted, quality pitching.

This young Toronto team finally has fine hitters, and a bevy of young pitchers. The Yankees cannot hit pitchers they are seeing for the first time.

They couldn't hit me the first time around, either.

I'm headed for Belmont.
We may come in fourth in the AL East.


Jim Leyritz's Cellmate said...

Everything in this post is the absolute truth. Our offense makes me sick when it does this crap. Have we beaten any teams that are over .500 yet this year?

Anonymous said...

Toronto beat Tampa earlier this week with the pitcher the Yankees are facing tomorrow, Morrow.

Joe De Pastry said...

When you said that about A-Weird and a "babe" I got worried; then I remembered that Miley Cyrus is in Europe.