Friday, June 18, 2010

Yankee fan tossed for flashing his vuvuzela

Frankly, this sickens me. Why would somebody go a Yankee game, a family event, and then decide to pull out his vuvuzela and wave it around? Yeah, sure... I play with my vuvuzela during Yankee games, who doesn't? But I do in the dignity and privacy of my own home. I don't bother people. I'll be damned if I want to pay good money and sit in some nosebleed section just to watch a creep who thinks he's got the biggest vuvuzela in the bleachers, showing off in front of my lady! I hope they put the guy and jail and chop his vuvuzela into little bits. MAKE AN EXAMPLE, DAMMIT.

1 comment:

Joe De Pastry said...

His vuvuzela?
I thought that ladies had those, you know, down there.