Friday, June 11, 2010

What Have I Been Saying About The Yankee "B" Team?

Last night, over the course of two futile innings, I noted the following Yankees in the line-up;

1. Chad Moeller
2. Ramiro Pena
3. Marcus Thames
4. What's his name Russo

Then Cervelli came up as a pinch hitter. Quick note; if you give him a fastball in the zone, he might get a good lick on it. But a breaking ball in the dirt is a sure "K." That's what he got in our final chance to drive in a run.

Jorge added to the party with his 2-28 return as DH "still working."

Needless to say, we got 4 hits and came up a run shy against Baltimore's latest AAA call-up.

Why does this game bring back memories of last year's Mets ' season?

The party line for today: " well, we won the series, and if we win all the series' we play, we'll be fine," - girlfriend of anonymous Yankee last night at Rao's.

We better start bringing up some of our number one draft picks.

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