Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here's an idea: Granderson and somebody for Cliff Lee

I'd throw in Vasquez or AJ Burnett, just to open a slot for Lee, because I figure one of them will be hurt or awful come September, so we'll need the guy. And we certainly don't need him pitching against us.

Brackman would make a lot of sense. He's on a current upswing in value, so who knows -- Seattle might like the "Big Unit" tradition and bite on the deal.

But, seriously -- (yeah, right) -- does anybody reading this blog think Curtis Granderson has a future with this team, beyond September? He simply cannot hit lefites. When we get to the post-season, when we face well rounded bullpens, he is late-inning toast. We might have to pinch hit for him. We might have to platoon him. You can't play CF for the Yankees and not hit lefties. Brett Gardner is our 2011 CF. Our left fielder next year is probably playing in Philadelphia now, Jason Werth. Unless Curtis turns it around in the second half -- hello, Kevin Long? -- we'll end up trading him, next fall, calling it a failed experiment, and moving on a free agent.

Would Seattle take him as central lugnut in a Cliff Lee deal? Probably dreaming.


Joe West said...

Or, even better... trade Jeter and Granderson for Lee and Jack Wilson. The Yankees can let Colin Curtis play centerfield for the rest of the year, before trading for Gutierrez in 2011, and Wilson plays short. Wilson is a defensive and speed upgrade over Jeter, and Lee will become co-ace of our staff. The M's will go for it because they'll be lured by Jeter (imagine Jeet and Ichiro on the same team), and the Yanks will solve all their problems!

Anonymous said...

“Yeah, I like pitching here,” Lee said. “I’ve always enjoyed pitching here.”

“I’m not afraid to take the subway,” Lee said.

JM said...

Granderson and AJ and Vasquez and Nick Johnson and Marcus Thames and Kevin Russo and Marte and Park for Lee. And we'll pay all of their salaries for the rest of the year. OK, the rest of the decade.

We clean house, they get a whole team of over-the-hillers and also-rans and injury-prone sure things, we get a great pitcher and open up some slots for legitimate players.

I like it.

JM said...

Oh, crap, I forgot Jesus. Throw in Jesus, too, what the hell, they want prospects. And Brackman. Those guys will be prospects for years, that should make Seattle happy.

JM said...

And don't forget to throw in Boone Logan. They like fish in Seattle, and he's one.

Alphonso said...

Jason Werth is perfect for us.

1. He'll be beyond his most productive years.

2. He'll shave off his facial hair and about 35 points and 10 HRs from his batting stats.

3. He is slower, already, than Swisher which fits perfectly with Cashman's " slower, older and more costly" philosophy.

4. We can give up another rookie of the year (or two) in the process.

5. Cashman can perpetuate the lie that he won't "de-nude" the farm system for one player.

Mary Carey said...

I want Melky back.

Joe De Pastry said...

Werth looks older than 31 this year, and I sure hope Mary is joking about Melky. At least Curses hits a big homer now and then. Melky is below average in every way.
If we can get Lee to join CC and Andy we'll be unbeatable in October. Do whatever it takes to get him AND avoid having to face him again in the post-season.