Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Jesus may be batting only.233, but he's still better off than theirs

At Columbus-Wilkes Barre, Yankee superprospect catcher/DH Jesus Montero is struggling with the curveball.

But at Monroe, Ohio, Jesus Christ last night took a 95-mph electric beanball straight from the heavens. And He burned all the way to the ground. Gone. We're not talking 30 DL. We're talking: To. The. Ground.

Let's just hope the fire investigators don't find evidence of this being Allah's doing.

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JC said...

If we all just worshiped rocks, rather than styrofoam statues, this tragedy could not have happened. Unless, of course we worshipped a rock that became part of molten lava.

But how often does that happen?